Сhildren program

Urban journalism is the main focus of Encyclopedia of Ukrainian Architecture’s educational programme for kids, implemented through effective cooperation with Slavutych Golden Autumn International Festival of Youth Democracy, Journalism, Press and Creativity and public utility company Regional Development Agency of Slavutych Municipal Council. The Festival took place on 25-28 September 2020 online. Five teams developed their own video projects, addressing current issues of the modern urban space, such as inclusivity, deindustrialisation, illegal construction etc. Participants and the team of Encyclopedia of Ukrainian Architecture, namely Ievgeniia Gubkina, Piotr Armianovski, Leonid Yezhurov, Alina Kurlovych, Pavlo Dorogoi and Vika Haiboniuk, held workshops and lectures for kids and provided mentor support. Children got presents, books on architecture and history, from project’s partners DOM Publishers (Germany) and Oleksandr Savchuk publisher (Ukraine).

"City for all or against all: inclusivity and accessibility"

TV Studio Zerkaltse [Little Mirror] under the umbrella of TV studio Nashe Vremia [Our Time] (Molodechno, Belarus).

Team leader: Dmytro Kondratiuk, mentor: Alina Kurlovych.

TV studio Nashe Vremia is located in Molodechno, Minsk Oblast, Belarus. Children TV studio Zerkaltse was founded in 2016. Here kids learn basics of journalism, photography and videography and editing. They participate and receive awards in many international festivals and contests held in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic and Slovenia, including Slavutych Golden Autumn (Ukraine), Together for Youth (the Czech Republic), Bereginja (Slovenia), Press-Spring (Ukraine) and New Heights (Belarus).

The festival video was produced by: Zhenya Nasekailo (13 years old) — joined the studio three years ago; among his personal preferences are directing, video making and theatre; he won the Grand Prix of the international festival in the Czech Republic; Stepan Ralovets (16 years old) — loves editing, audio mixing, computer graphics; Alisa Yatsynovich (12 years old) — enjoys sports and interviews; Artem Chernyshov (12 years old) — tries himself as a presenter, does theatre and plays music.

"An architect on your own: squatter settlements vs city"

Study club Young Journalist (Kryvyi Rih).

Team leader: Oksana Yushmanova, mentor: Pavlo Dorogoi.

The study club is hosted by Kryvyi Rih public school no. 126 of Kryvyi Rih City Council in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

The idea of the festival video belongs to Diana Primerova, videographer — Mirra Primerova. The girls are fond of video making, which started as a hobby first. Now Diana plans to enter a university to become a presenter. She believes such festivals and contests are a great opportunity to look at yourself in a frame and to feel like a real journalist.

"Derelict constructions: architecture that failed"

Youth TV studio PDM TV (Slavutych).

Team leader: Maryna Katamai, mentor: Vika Haiboniuk.

The Youth TV studio is hosted by the Palace of Children and Youth. PDM TV produces news, TV programmes for children and young adults, relevant interviews and talk shows, which make it very popular among all generations of viewers.

The festival video was produced by: Valeria Gladkova (17 years old), who is fond of singing, journalism and youth business ideas and Taya Yakusheva (17 years old) — a volunteer, whose interests include journalism and urban planning. Videographer — cycling activist, organiser and participant of paintball tournaments Nadiya Gruzina. The team believes that journalists of regional mass media are ‘universal soldiers’. They do not work with one topic, but are expected to be experts in everything: from public procurement and local authorities to history of all local long-delayed construction projects and destroyed historical buildings.